"A woman grants the gift of life to every human being on the Earth. A woman doctor preserves this life from its very beginning . There is no more important mission for humanity than the mission undertaken by women doctors"

Kuranov G. V. - The Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Non-governmental organizations in the form of Associations of Medical Women work practically in every country of the world independently or as part of National Medical Associations.

Associations of Medical Women of various countries are united into Medical Women’s International Association (it already includes Associations of more than 100 countries of the world). For the first time in Russia «Russian Medical Women’s Association» was founded as a Russian Non-Governmental Organization including regional branches in more than half of the Russian territorial entities (47/85). In 2013 the «Russian Medical Women’s Association» was admitted to the «National Medical Chamber» of Russia. In 2014 the «Association» was admitted to the «Medical women’s international association». The Association was founded for uniting women - doctors and scientists and for solving vital research and practice, educational and public awareness problems in the field of health protection of women and children (watch the video about the "Russian medical women,s association" and about Internet projects); for developing partnership between women’s non-governmental organizations and government authorities, commercial and non-commercial organizations.

Fields of activities of the «Russian Medical Women’s Association»:

  • support of government authorities in the development of prevention programs (for the governors and ministers of healthcare of the territorial territories): development of electronic projects and National registers of health and social programs and technologies:, company-;,; the organization of scientific research in the field of health protection of women and children; development of the information support for «Parents’ schools»: «Handbook on childcare», study DVD – film on «Child Development»
  • the activities of the «Russian Medical Women’s Association» are presented at international and Russian conferences and congresses.
  • the activities in the regions of Russia, connected with the problems of health of women and children.