24 November 14:30 15:15
Red Hall


Moderators:О.V. Goncharova, N.V. Savvina

О.V. Goncharova (Moscow) National Electronic Registries, the Best Technologies and Medical and Social Programmes in the Field of Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of the Population Recommended by «Russian Medical Women Association» for Implementing in the Russian Territorial Entities
G.V. Chizhova (Khabarovsk) The Experience of the Far East in the Realization of Medical and Social Programmes in the Field of Health Care of Women and Children
N.V. Savvina (Yakutsk) Mother and Child Health: Global Challenges and Their Solution in the Regions
Е.V. Elisseyeva (Vladivostok) Problems of the Organization of Drug Provision of Woman and Children: Concerns and Ways of Solving.
Ya.R. Narcissov (Moscow) Implementation of New Domestic Pharmaceutical Technologies for Disease Prevention and Treatment of Women and Children in the Territorial Entities of Russia.
D.Yu. Vurdov (Moscow) New IT-Technologies for Increasing the Quality of Life of Patients and their Implementation in the Territorial Entities of Ruassia
V.P. Chudnov (Moscow region, Stupino) Russian experience of Creating National School for Public Health (on the Example of Stupino District of Moscow Region)
Е.А. Satigo (St.-Petersburg) The System of Preventing Stomatological Diseases in Children, Interdisciplinary Approach (on the Example of St.-Petersburg)
N.N. Martinovich (Irkutsk ) The Role and Place of Educational Technologies in Solving the Problem of Child Abuse and Neglect of Their Needs (regional experience)
M. Galaktionova (Krasnoyarsk) Preventive Pediatrics: Technologies and Formation of Children's Health (regional experience)
N.Yu. Perepelkina (Orenburg region) The State of Health and the Development of Medical Aid to the Population of Orenburg Region
О. Azova (Moscow) Medical and social efficacy of intensive rehabilitation program for children with autism, alalia, ADHD.
О.G. Safonicheva, М.А. Ovchinnikova (Moscow) New Approaches to the Development of Personified Programmes of Rehabilitational Treatment of Disabled Children