24 November 15:15 17:45
Small Blue Hall

Simposium. Women’s Health

Moderators:E.E. Achkasov, Isabella Heuser (Germany), Khatuna Kaladze (Georgia), Nino Zhwania (Georgia)

Khatuna Kaladze (Georgia) Major gender differences among bariatric patients
L.N. Skuratovskaya, S. Aivazova (Moscow) Gender Aspects of the Right to Health
Isabella Heuser (Gemany) Female Mental Health
Nino Zhvania (Georgia) The Peculiarities of the Progress of Cardiovascular Disease in Women at Different Periods of Life
Ch.N. Mustafin (Moscow) Diseases of Mammary Glands in Women in the Practice of Specialists of Different Medical Professions
L.S. Sotnikova (Tomsk region) Benign Diseases of Mammary Glands. Who is To Blame and What is to be Done?
Khatuna Koridze(Georgia) The Treatment of Chronic Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis in Pregnant Women with the Use of Bioflavanoids
Е.А. Soloviova (Orenburg region) The State of Health of Female Population and Organization of Obstetrics and Gynecology Services (on the example of Orenburg region)
Kuligina М.V., Malishkina А.I., Pesikin О.N. (Ivanovo) The Quality of Obstetics and Gynecology Aid as a Factor of Demographic Development of Russia
I.А.Levina (Ekaterinburg) The Role of Family-Oriented Technologies in Increasing the Quality and Safety of Medical Aid to Women and Children ".